Software for Advanced Simulation, Planning and Decentralized Coordination of Distributed Energy Resources

Software for Advanced Simulation, Planning and
Decentralized Coordination of Distributed Energy Resources

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The optimal design and safe operation of the DER-rich power grid presents great challenges.
Next-generation planning and coordination tools can benefit Utilities and DER-providers.

ProsumerGrid develops Massively Scalable, Cloud-Based Software

for High-Fidelity Simulation and Decentralized Coordination of
DER-rich Electric Power Systems


Utility, Provider or
Customer-Owned Solar and
Wind Renewable Generation

Utility-Scale or
Energy Storage

Local Generation,
Combined Heat
and Power

Electric Vehicles

Industrial, Commercial and Residential Demand Response

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Powerful , User-Friendly Simulation

Our solution provides system-wide co-simulation of Grid Physics, DER controls, and market and management layers

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Decentralized Coordination

Our solution supports decentralized coordination of massive numbers of distributed energy resources (DER)

Decentralized means: computational scalability, massive deployability, and multi-agent management modeling.


The Grand Challenge

How to coordinate billions of distributed energy resources and millions of decision makers to achieve the objectives of ultra-reliability, economic optimization, and sustainability?

Our Solution

We are developing a set of software solutions that enable simulation, planning, and decentralized coordination of distributed energy resources (DER).

Why It Matters

The Reasons the Industry Should Care

Emergence of Prosumers

Emergence of Prosumers

With the deployment of consumer-owned DER assets, traditional energy consumers have been transformed into Prosumers (that produce as well as consume energy).

Scalable Coordination

Scalable Coordination

The current centralized control architecture is not scalable to support millions of DERs and decision makers. A new decentralized paradigm is needed to ensure scalability.

Energy Services

Energy Services

There is a need for a cyber-infrastructure that allows DER-rich systems to interact and exchange energy services to realize new business models or market designs.

Decentralized Optimization

Decentralized Optimization

There is a need for effective decentralized coordination at various scales (homes, microgrids, distribution system operators) to successfully exploit the value of DERs.

Powerful Simulation

Powerful Simulation

To ensure reliability of the emerging DER-rich grid, new simulation tools are needed that capture the interdependence between grid physics, markets, and DER controls.

DER Analytics

DER Analytics

There is a need for powerful analytics tools that can help determine the value of DER services as well as design new market rules and business models.