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Under high penetration of DERs, the grid will experience an unprecedented level of more granular and faster spatio-temporal variations of power injections and flows. Maintaining all physical quantities within operational limits will require much tighter, faster, and better coordination. Under today’s centralized control approach, coordination of DERs subsystems will require massive information exchange and the solution for exponentially growing scheduling problems.

The Two Big Challenges

How can we simulate the operation of electricity grids with a massive number of active and dynamic (DER-based) subsystems?

  • A departure must be made from simple power flow into temporal optimization.
  • Problems easily become intractable. A distributed computation framework is needed.

How can we coordinate the real-time control and management of a billion devices and millions of subsystems to achieve the objectives of the grid?

  • Because it is impossible for a single organization to make all the operational decisions, coordination needs to be decentralized.