ATLANTA, GA – ProsumerGrid was invited to participate in a panel called “The Establishment and the Disruptors” at Intersolar North America on July 11, 2017. ProsumerGrid, two other startups (OhmConnect, UtilityAPI) and one representative from PG&E exchanged views related to new technology adoption by electric utilities during a panel moderated by Emily Kirsch, CEO of Powerhouse.

The panel focused on the following issues: “When utilities hear ‘the future of energy,’ what do they see? What role do they play? When disruptive startups hear ‘the future of energy’ what do they mean and how are they shaping the future of energy? Two different perspectives on what the new energy economy looks like from the top down and the bottom up.”

The panel presentations and discussion were focused on innovation and the role of the established utilities in adoption and accelerating the pace of change.

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